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By Lori Langford on Apr 24, 2024

If I could add more stars I would. The artists are amazing and everyone is extremely nice and respectful along with professional. My brother goes here and loves it and so do i!!

By Johnnie Stephen on Apr 18, 2024

Hollie is an awesome instructor. She is helping me discover my brand and logo. I am not the creative type so I struggle with this issue. Hollies and Kale are helping me to find the creative side that I never thought I possessed. Their 5 Star people!

By Christopher Hampton on Apr 16, 2024

The Colorado media school has been a great experience and a wealth of knowledge. The staff are talented, extremely knowledgeable, and beyond helpful. I can’t wait to use all that I’ve learned to expand my career opportunities and be as big as I can be.

By Mario F. on Apr 12, 2024

I appreciate the instructors and staff as they guide me along my broadcasting path. If you're passionate about media, CMS will provide the tools needed to kick start your career.

By Johnny Cortez on Apr 12, 2024

Teachers and staff were insightful and inspiring when teaching I learned how to make short films and promotions. Projects were fun and exciting when looking for a job Debbie is always on hand she's great

By Charles Longfellow on Apr 04, 2024

I've had the honor of working with Debbie Byrd for the past 2 1/2 years. We in the Denver Hub have a tremendous relationship with the Colorado Media School. This relationship has helped in the hiring of graduates to work in the Denver Hub for Nexstar Media. I couldn't have managed these graduates without the help of Debbie Byrd.

By Fernanda Herrera on Mar 27, 2024

Love the staff and the curriculum! Helpful instruction and open door policy for any issues.

By Kale Sykes on Mar 26, 2024

I have throughly enjoyed my time at the Colorado media school, the staff is incredibly well organized and very knowledgeable, I learned a lot!

By John Corbliss on Mar 26, 2024

WOW! From the beginning the staff and curriculum are totally on point pro! I have learned leaps and bounds from day 1. I love everything about CMS and it is fun! Why aren't you here yet! Bring on the DAVE! Everyone is deeply invested in seeing you succeed. Just bring your passion and vision with you! After graduation Debbie Byrd made sure to keep me updated on job opportunities and soon I got a job in broadcast radio as a producer and I LOVE MY JOB!!! Thank you Colorado Media school!!!

By Roland Choppa on Mar 21, 2024

Great staff and instructors Glad I made the choice in Media My dreams are starting to come true

By Maryam Muhammad on Mar 21, 2024

Awesome place to start getting into the industry! The support here is great and I’m glad that I’m able to get the tools I need to start my business

By Brooke Moore on Mar 21, 2024

This school has taught me so much. About myself about the career path I want to take and overall. Dave, Chris, Julio and all the other instructors have really helped me find my voice. I want to get into radio and this school has really helped me pave my path to getting into that field. CMS is really the place to be when it comes to finding your journey. I will forever thank them for all their help, encouragement and motivation.

By Big foot on Mar 21, 2024

Love the school it's awesome . I have a great relationship with a lot of people here and most definitely have a career on this .

By Derrick DeLeon on Mar 19, 2024

Not only has this been a life changing experience, but the networking and opportunities are literally infinite. Staff is AMAZING! They help in every aspect. This has built an amazing foundation. The mind will take you further than the heart ever will and this sure proves just that!

By Dave F on Mar 16, 2024

I've attended several events with the students, staff, faculty and graduates of Colorado Media School in the past couple of years. The people are what makes it so amazing. From podcasts to films, these fun and fearless creatives don't allow for a dull moment!

By Erin Nie on Mar 15, 2024

I have enjoyed attending Colorado Media School because the instructors want to see you succeed and go far in your future career. All of the staff members are very friendly and want to get to know you. When I was first starting, I was nervous about feeling welcome, but now I feel like the school is my second home.

By lisa wright on Mar 15, 2024

By Jessie on Mar 06, 2024

I've loved my time at CMS so much I wish their programs were longer. I have truly enjoyed learning and growing from all the knowledgeable staff. You should be jealous if you didn't get to attend classes at CMS .

By Adelaide Gonzales on Feb 29, 2024

I love this school it's all hands on I love it I'm already hosting a radio show threw school

By Faustino Abadilla on Feb 23, 2024

Ayooooo, This is headquarter’s to a NEW FUTURE!!! If your looking to extend your digital creating ability’s in a comfortable setting, Then check Colorado Media School out fashooo! Yours truly, Smoov